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24 March 2021

Celebration - 2nd Lockdown Birthday

Today was a special day for a long serving staff member who had her second lockdown birthday today.  We thought we would help her along with her celebrations.  The cake was delicious.

5 March 2021

KS3 Medieval Britain

Some more great work coming from KS3 this week.  This term we have continued with the topic of Medieval Britain, looking into the history of Parliament and its origins.  It only made sense to look at today's Government to understand it's journey.

2 March 2021

KS3 History

The Key Stage 3 students have been studying the Norman Conquest of 1066 and have created this fantastic display, showing off all their hard work.  The topic involved creative writing, research techniques, and art & design.  Focussing on key figures, dates, events and writing styles....

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