Little Bridge Curriculum Map - what do our pupils need to learn?

Pupils at Little Bridge need to learn foundation skills to enable them to communicate and interact successfully, read, write and understand numeracy.  The majority of pupils at Little Bridge are working between P7 and NC2 and are not performing at their chronological age, with moderate difficulties in learning.  We deliver a modified curriculum which is designed to teach the building blocks of literacy and numeracy through a range of multi-sensory and play based learning activities and interventions.  We use a relational approach and PSHE/RE curriculum to underpin developing social skills, self-control and confidence with all pupils and this includes PE and topic-based projects.  All pupils are supported with developing their vocabulary through Talk Boost.

Pupils progress through the small step outcomes in the PIVATS framework that is appropriate to their stage of learning and all pupils access four units of RE/PSHE as detailed in our PSHE/RE policy outline.



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