Welcome To Secondary Outreach

The outreach role within Bridge is to support local schools within the community with pupils who may need extra help with any issues that they may be struggling with.  We work with all Secondary Schools in Lichfield and Burntwood to support children with behaviour, anxiety, emotional support, mentoring and confidence building.  We work closely with student support/pastoral in all schools so that we can offer as much help as possible to the pupils and the school.  The main aim of my work is to help prevent Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusions

In this role we have to gain the trust of young people who for whatever reason are struggling to access the curriculum. Spending 30-40 minutes each session to engage with the young person and get them to open up by doing various activities.  These will be based on the requirements of the individual and so all sessions are bespoke to each pupil.  During sessions we will talk about situations that may have occurred, reflect on ways that things could have gone better or worse.  

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