Dear Parents/Carers


School Emergency Closure Procedures – Severe Weather


Very occasionally, during periods of difficult weather, we have to make the decision to close the school.  Please read the details below for the information and details of how we communicate a closure to parents/carers.


At Bridge we take our responsibility seriously to educate and care for our young people and wherever possible it is our intention to open as normal during periods of difficult weather.  We appreciate closure impacts on learning and parent’s childcare arrangements.  However, we also recognise our responsibility towards the safety of students and adults on site and whilst travelling to and from school.


In the event of a closure, the school will use the following forms of communication to inform our staff, parents and carers.



Unless you hear from us that we are closed, please make the assumption each day that we are open as usual.


These are difficult decisions to make, please bear with us.  Conditions are changeable, and decision making can be problematic.  There may be times during the school day when we have to close during the day as a result of the deterioration in the weather.  If this is the case, we will always try to give parents as much notice as possible.  I will reassure you we will not send students off site unless and until we are confident they can make their way home safely.


Yours in partnership


Mr James Morris

Head Teacher

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