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Mrs Bryony Lindley

Mrs Bryony Lindley

Art Teacher - Secondary

Mr Simon Randall

Mr Simon Randall

Creative Media Instructor

Art and Design is a central part of the curriculum at Bridge Academy. We believe that providing pupils with a varied and interesting art curriculum that is individually suited to them helps our students develop skills academically and emotionally. Our art curriculum has been designed to give pupils a broad range of artistic experiences including graphic design and fine art. The skills that are developed through art such as problem solving, critical thinking and self-evaluation can help pupils in their development into more self-confident and compassionate young people. 

At Key Stage 3, pupils create a portfolio of work using a variety of media. They learn about the work of other artists and artwork from different cultures, and use this knowledge to inform their work. Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively as well as individually which helps pupils develop important social skills.

At Key Stage 4 pupils are able to specialise in one or more areas of the art curriculum. Many of our pupils have achieved three Art GCSE’s by studying Fine Art, Textiles and Graphic Design.  Our experienced Art Teachers are flexible in the way the curriculum is delivered and projects are always tailored to pupils’ strengths and interests. 

We have also introduced the Arts Award Qualification to the Bridge Academy. Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that supports young people to grow as artists and connect with the wider arts world. We believe this opportunity will be extremely beneficial to our pupils, helping them on a personal arts journey which will develop their creativity and confidence.

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