Welcome to the English Department

Mrs Nicola Timmis

Mrs Nicola Timmis

English Teacher - Secondary


Our intention within the English Department is to improve the communication skills of all students. We aim to improve their speaking and listening, their writing and also help them to try to read for enjoyment and for specific purposes.

One of these purposes is personal achievement. We always have one eye on a student’s trajectory towards their public examinations at GCSE. Our vision for each individual is a GCSE in English Language and in English Literature and we teach all the necessary skills and texts to enable students to reach potential and be successful.

To facilitate improvement and to empower students to become better communicators, we know that they need to experience English lessons daily and practice the skills that they are taught regularly. Our curriculum covers the different areas of reading and writing fiction and non-fiction, and study of literary texts. Discussion and debate are a regular feature of lessons, as is extended reading and writing. We engage with real life contexts where possible to enable students to connect their learning with the world beyond.

The impact of studying English at the Bridge is that it opens doors to other possibilities. Improved English helps with securing employment or training and also helps build confidence and self-esteem. A GCSE in English is also part of the established currency that is necessary to get into college or to interviews and apprenticeships.


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