June 2023

Dear parent / guardian; member of staff; student; governor or stakeholder of our school

Consultation on The Bridge Centre’s PSHE Curriculum including statutory Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education (HE) – June 2023

From September 2020, it is a statutory requirement that all schools in England and Wales are teaching Relationship and Sex Education as a fundamental part of the curriculum.

As part of implementing the RSE curriculum, schools must consult with the children, parents, staff and governors to ensure there is a general consensus on our approaches to policy and the curriculum content.

The Bridge Centre will be starting their consultation process on Monday 12th June 2023; the consultation will close on the Friday 30th June 2023.

As part of this, parents / guardians; members of staff; students; governors and/or stakeholders of our school, will be asked to read through the following two documents and make comments on them. The two documents that you are asked to read as part of the consultation will be:

  • Consultation on PSHE/RSE Policy, June 2023 (Draft)
  • Consultation on PSHE/RSE Curriculum Map, June 2023 (Draft)

These documents; are available on our website: https://bridge.staffs.sch.uk/the-bridge-secondary-centre/curriculum/phse. If you wish to carry out further reading around RSE, the following documents maybe of use to you, which can also be found on our website:

  • Government Guidance
  • RSE Topic Expectations
  • Health Topic Expectations

In order to provide your feedback to this consultation, we would appreciate your completion of a questionnaire. The link is https://forms.office.com/e/ujPYch0PKi or you can scan the QR code below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you wish to discuss anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Yours faithfully

Elliot Payne

Assistant Headteacher








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