Click here to see letter from NHS regarding Covid Vaccinations in school.

The NHS Immunisation Team will be in school on Monday 21st March 2022 administering COVID vaccinations.  They will be offering 1st Vaccinations to those eligible and 2nd Vaccinations to those eligible.  Please note that The Bridge Centre School is simply a venue.  School staff will not comment or advise students or parents around their choice to accept or decline the vaccination. 

Eligible students will receive a consent form in due course.  

If you wish for your child to be vaccinated, can you please complete the consent form and return it by 15th March 2022. 


  • Students aged 12-15 
  • Students who wish to take their 1st Vaccine 
  • Students who wish to take their 2nd Vaccine and have received their 1st vaccine 12 weeks prior to 21st March 2022. 
  • Students who have NOT tested positive for COVID 12 weeks prior to 21st March 2022. 

  • Please note: No child will be vaccinated without a completed form that states you give consent.  If you do not wish to give consent, there is an option on the form to declare this so that we are aware of your wishes.  

    Any queries about the vaccine should be directed to the Immunisation Team on 0300 124 0366 or