Remeberance 2023

Image of Remeberance 2023

Amazing Rememberance Day art work created by our Primary pupils

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Half Term Reward Trip

Image of Half Term Reward Trip

One happy group of students have been rewarded today with a trip ice-skating after working hard demonstrating our RSISE values this half term.

We're already planning our Christmas reward for those who are engaged in their learning after the half term holiday.

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Max & George Trust

Image of Max & George Trust

What a brilliant morning helping out at the Max & George Trust!  We have met so many lovely dogs looking to be re-homed.  We got the opportunity to walk them and took some artwork that we had produced to help raise awareness for the Rescue Centre.  We will be supporting this charity in the future…

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World Mental Health Day - Mental Health Awareness

Image of World Mental Health Day - Mental Health Awareness

As part of Mental Health Awareness Day, we have put together a Mental Health Handbook for our students and families, to use when they feel that they need further support. The booklet contains practical strategies; services to seek advice and activities to promote positive mental health. For…

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National Apprenticeship & Education Event - Millenium Point

Image of National Apprenticeship & Education Event - Millenium Point

A successful visit to the National Apprenticeship and Careers Event at Millenium Point Birmingham for our Year 11 students. We met with the RAF, Jaguar Landrover and CAT Finning.  Several Career plans are now in place.  All of our RAISE values have been shown today.

Respect, Aspiration,…

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The Dangers of Vaping

Image of The Dangers of Vaping

In the UK, the proportion of 11 to 18-year-olds who vape doubled between 2020 and 2022.  That figure has continued to rise – a worrying trend that’s not exactly been countered by frequent portrayals of vaping as cool and fashionable on social media platforms


Many young vapers simply aren’t…

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Army Stem Workshop "Rocket Cars"

Image of Army Stem Workshop "Rocket Cars"

We had a great morning working with the Army in a fabulous STEM workshop though British Army Supporting Education.  We learnt about opportunities and careers within the army.  We then designed and made rocket powered cars using tools such as a hot wire cutter!  Finally, we tested our cars to see…

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Knife Crime

Image of Knife Crime

We are super proud to announce that three of our talented studets were selected as winners of Lichfield District Council's Knife Crime Art Competition.  The competition was held to coincide with the Knife Angel Monument's visit to Lichfield.  Well done to Ethan Betts, Alexis Gabb-Watts and Declan…

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ATLP Conversion

Image of ATLP Conversion

A new era for The Bridge, as we become a partner academy within the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership

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KS3 - High Ropes

Image of KS3 - High Ropes

Key Stage 3 enjoyed their outdoor Education this week, working with the high ropes,crate stacking, thus encouraging team building and communication.

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Trip to the Roaches Peak District

Image of Trip to the Roaches Peak District

KS3 walked Hen Cloud today and explored the 150 million year old rock formation better known as The Roaches.  A fine example of a natural play area and the beautiful Peak District. 

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History - Quarry Bank Mill

Image of History - Quarry Bank Mill

What an absolute national treasure.  Fantastic school trip today with History student to Quarry Bank Mill.  Highly recommend when teaching the Industrial Revolution.  Students explored what working conditions were like in a 19th century cotton mill and the life of a child…

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