The Bridge School Farm incorporates a range of different opportunities for our students. As well as our gardens and new orchard area, we currently care for;

  • Two adult Pygmy Goats; Bob and Steve
  • Our resident adult Bearded Dragon; Yoda
  • A Corn Snake called Colin
  • Two rabbits called Blue and Bella 
  • A pair of Guinea Pigs called Flash and George 
  • Two tropical fish tanks with a range of fish. 

Interaction with our animals in their large and secure enclosures, offers our students a range of confidence building experiences and the opportunity to handle and care for, a range of different types of animals. This helps to build empathy, understanding and nurturing behaviours and encourages the students to explore the natural world and consider careers working with animals.

A range of growing programmes in our gardens and new orchard area are currently underway with a view to creating produce that can be used by students in our kitchens. The aromatic and herb gardens serve as place of inspiration and relaxation for our students.

The students take part in the planning and development of the gardens, helping to prepare and maintain the beds, boxes and baskets, learning about nature’s cycles and the environment.

The school has recently taken part in a scientific project with the Royal Horticultural Society that encouraged a scientific approach to gardening and gave the students a chance to be part of a national project.

We are also currently creating our new Poultry Club programme by introducing a range of pedigree chicks and setting up a programme of events so that students can attend various shows and competitions. The Poultry Club will allow the students to interact directly with our chickens. Handling, knowledge competitions and breed shows develop a deeper view into the life cycles, variety and breeding of the birds that can be shown.  Each student will be encouraged to ‘pair up’ with a specific bird and be responsible for the day to day care of the bird and the preparation required to attend shows.

The Bridge School Farm