Little Bridge – New Primary Centre

Opening September 2019

The Bridge School will be expanding their provision in the new academic year to open a base for primary pupils located in Rugeley. Our vision for this provision is that it will provide diagnostic placements for primary pupils who are communicating their needs through challenging behaviour and our aim is to work collaboratively with these children, their families, schools and wider agencies to facilitate an understanding of underlying causes. Our approach to working with pupils in Little Bridge will be firmly rooted in the six principles of Nurture:

Children's learning is understood developmentally

2.       The classroom offers a safe base

3.       The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

4.       Language is a vital means of communication

5.       All behaviour is communication

6.       The importance of transition in children's lives

The environment at the new setting will be designed around supporting self-regulation and will allow our pupils to develop greater self-awareness in social and emotional aspects of learning. We believe in an attachment aware and trauma informed approach to behaviour management which puts relationships at the heart of every school day. Our curriculum is planned to foster a sense of safety and participation and is personalised to capitalise on the starting points of our pupils; it is key that our approach makes learning accessible to those who have barriers to standard classroom approaches.

I am very fortunate in being the new Primary Lead and have a strong team to work with in this exciting venture; I have been teaching for twenty years as an art specialist and a SENDCo, SEND and behaviour advisory teacher and senior leader in a PRU provision. My team are equally qualified to shape and implement an accessible model for our primary pupils: two primary teachers, one HLTA, four support staff and outreach staff all bring a range of specialisms and expertise to what we can collectively offer.

Our vision for Little Bridge is that we will support children to feel heard and understood and that this will allow them to develop the skills to overcome obstacles and to grow. We look forward to sharing more about our journey via the website in the months to come.


Karen Wicks

Primary Lead – Little Bridge