12 November 2018



DS has been involved on numerous visits to Darwin Court Care Home during the Autumn Term as part of his Prince’s Trust Award.

During his visits DS has shown a lot of empathy for the residents by engaging them in conversations about past experiences and showing polite respect for their feelings at all times.


He recently attended a Remembrance Memorial Service held at Darwin Court for the residents which was on Saturday 10th November 2018. This was a non-school day which meant that he went voluntarily during his own free time. After the service DS helped serve the residents with refreshments and spent time engaging them in conversations.


The Bridge Centre would like to thank Darwin Court Care Home for enabling our students to speak to their residents, which has helped greatly with their education and social skills. A big thank you to Jane Lane (Well Being & Activity Co-ordinator) and Louise Huisman (Activity Leader) for their help in co-ordinating these visits