All students are taught Maths at KS3 and KS4. The exam board we follow is Pearson Edexcel. The students will either sit the foundation tier or higher tier exam depending on their progress during the academic year and in the final mock exam. Following the recent changes made by the government the GCSE course now starts in Y9 and is a three year course.

Y7 and Y8 follow a scheme of work developed by PIXL, a specialist organisation who provide us with resources. 

The Y11 and Y10 students follow a time plan that includes a breakdown of topics to be taught under the following headings: algebra, data handling, number and shape and space. There is a test at the end of end topic as well as online support from websites such as Doddle and BBC Bitesize. There are also termly tests for all key stages as well as a baseline test in September or upon the student’s arrival.

During the year there are Maths based trips which have been to places like RAF Cosford, Port Vale FC and museums in London. There are extra maths clubs after school for Y11 twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Nearer the exam there are two maths booster sessions where the timetable is suspended and students enjoy pizza and past papers. We have also recently started using a WTM (walking talking mock) where the students are talked through how to complete an exam paper perfectly before then being asked to do it themselves. This gives the students a real boost as they realise they can achieve the grade they need.

Every effort is made to ensure that the students achieve the grade they are capable of and no stone is left unturned in trying to achieve this.

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