At Bridge we strive to deliver English innovatively and tailor our teaching methods around the needs of our students.

English lessons are taught to all year groups and all classes receive a minimum of two formal English lessons per week with a strong emphasis on building basic and strong literacy skills. However, we know that students learn best when they are immersed in exciting and challenging activities and we therefore incorporate literacy into all of the subjects across the curriculum.

We believe that this ensures that all students, whatever their interests, have the opportunity to access literacy. Learning in an applied environment, beyond the constraints of the classroom is beneficial for many students who have struggled in a mainstream setting.

We also encourage the study of literature, poetry and film and throughout the year there are opportunities for students to go out on educational visits to the theatre and cinema.

In year 10, students embark on formalising their learning with qualifications; here at Bridge we offer GCSE routes and Functional Skills courses where students are assessed in the areas of: Speaking and Listening, Comprehension and Extended Writing.

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