As part of the Inreach programme the pupils experience learning outside the classroom. This is done through educational visits to places of interest that will enhance the pupil’s knowledge of their surroundings. An important aspect of the visit is to extend and enrich what the pupils have been learning in the classroom and develop their confidence.

Royal Airforce Museum Cosford

One trip which has taken place has been to The Royal Airforce Museum- Cosford.  This trip has been received with great enthusiasm by a number of groups of students on the Inreach programme.  We have been able to return on a number of occasions to Cosford due the excellent behaviour and conduct from the pupils which have been commented upon by the staff there.

At Cosford pupils have been able to experience the 4D cinema, flight simulators, and hands on science experiments and sit in real fighter plane cockpit.  All pupils have engaged well with the Staff and Volunteers, showing a mature attitude and a high level of respect when being with the general public.

Visits like this are important for our pupils, as is boosts their confidence and social skills with people they wouldn’t ordinarily meet in everyday life.

Royal Airforce Museum, Cosford

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