As a school that never stands still and is always looking to improve, we want our pupils to follow our footsteps and strive to be the best they can be. To support that development, we have introduced the PiXL Edge programme.

PiXL Edge is a framework for secondary schools and sixth form providers to develop and accredit in our students the attitudes, attributes and skills essential for employability and life.

The PiXL Edge programme will enable students to develop five key attributes, which have been especially chosen for their formative qualities in character development.

The 5 key areas the pupils will be focusing on are:

Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication

How will PIXL be delivered at The Bridge?

All students are introduced to the PiXL Edge programme and will log their activities and provide evaluations for each one. We hope this will encourage them to get involved in as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible, both in and out of school some of which they may have never even thought of before now! The aim is for the pupils to gain confidence and new skills ready for KS4 and their GCSE exams.

Pupils have taken part in a wide range of activities and written work over the year around the 5 key areas. Examples of the activities, where pupils have been able to show off their development are:

Mountain biking, climbing, sailing, ice Skating, laser tag, trampolining, football, orienteering, walking, volleyball, badminton, fitness circuits and projects.

PixL Edge

Pupils are assessed in PIXL using a progress grid. By using the grid pupils are able to see the progress they are making throughout the year and which areas they need to improve on to develop as a person. Below are some key figures from PIXL this year:

  • 100% of KS3 pupils have accessed PIXL in 2018/2019
  • 80% of the pupils have managed to make good progress in at least 3 of the attributes.
  • 100% of pupils have developed their resilience around school and through offsite activities. For example all KS3 pupils have completed a 5km walk on Cannock Chase which many found very challenging.
  • Initiative is the area we are still working on but during the summer term with activities including mountain biking, sailing and DofE we are confident these will improve drastically.















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